Financial Service Provider*

Banks, Institutional Investors, Private Equity and Foundations


Financial service providers who are aware that climate change is significant in terms of the financial market and want to understand how they can use the topic of 2 °C compatibility in their work.


Financial service providers who recognize the value of the information generated by the use of science-based targets and who would like to find a way to use it in investment decisions.


Financial service providers who have already integrated investment criteria and want to generate specific indicators and metrics based on science-based targets.

Lectures & Workshops

  • What are science-based targets and what role do they play in generating information as to the analysis of climate-related opportunities and risks?
  • How do science-based targets relate to the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)?
  • What is the difference in informational content between conventional emissions data and science-based emissions information?



  • Individuelle Beantwortung Ihrer Fragen rund um WBE: Grundlagen, Best Practice und Potential für Ihre Nachhaltigkeitsstrategie.

Lectures & Workshops

  • Why and how are science-based targets in the position to generate future-oriented information?
  • In what form can science-based targets provide answers to managerial questions regarding climate-related opportunities and risks?
  • How can science-based targets contribute to the allocation of capital with consideration to climate-related factors?





  • Support in generating reliable investment criteria with consideration to future-oriented information.
  • Science-based targets as a contribution to dealing with the carbon bubble, the danger of stranded assets, and transition risks.


Education and Skill Development

  • Additional education measures give your employees valuable skills and capacities that your company will need to have internally in order to use science based targets for investment decisions.

Lectures & Workshops

  • How can consideration of science-based targets be used for the protection of liability risks?
  • What does your clients' increasing sensitivity to climate mean for your business development?









  • Support in capitalising on opportunities associated with advanced work with science-based targets: Creating forward-looking indicators, monitoring concepts, and the development of innovative potential for your business development.


Education and Skill Development

  • Additional education measures give your employees the valuable skills and capacities that your company will need internally. Science-based targets should support a company's long-term transition to a 2°C world.


  • Research on new, individual questions through their integration into existing research activities with right. or by establishing a new project.

In our experience, areas of application for science-based targets vary greatly. If our suggested services do not meet your requirements, please  contact us


* Financial service providers have two possibilities of working with science-based targets: either they can commit themselves to setting science-based targets oder sie or they can use science-based targets in research for their financial services.