Entrepreneurs und Incubators

Ambitious and innovative young companies


Young businesses that are aware of the effects of the Paris Agreement on their business model and are striving to understand them


Young businesses that are looking for a chance to use science-based targets - to the extent that their time and financial resources allow - to position their business in the transition to a 2 °C world.


Young businesses that are already working with science-based targets and see business potential in quickly adjusting their business development according to changes set forth by the Paris Agreement.


Lectures & Workshops

  • How is the Paris Agreement influencing the economic world and what advantages might it pose for me?

  • Why are science-based targets considered best practice with regard to the Paris Agreement and why are they relevant for me?

  • What would it mean specifically to work with science-based targets?


  • Individually tailored answers to your questions about science-based targets: Basic principles, best practices, and the potential it has for your business model.

Lectures & Workshops

  • What new requirements will those of my clients who are becoming (or want to remain) 2 °C compatible pose for my business?

  • How can my business use science-based targets to respond to these requirements? What competitive advantages are there for me and how can I communicate them?



Individually or in our project Koo2:
  • Analysis of your company's 2 °C compatibility and bench marking.
  • Support and expertise in the application of methods for calculating your science-based targets.

Education & Skill Development

  • Additional education measures give your employees valuable skills and capacities that your company will need to have internally. Here, science-based targets should be successfully communicated and introduced.

Lectures & Workshops

  • What exactly is the competitive advantage in rapidly adjusting a business model to these new requirements?

  • Which trends are there with regard to 2 °C compatibility and how can my company profit from them?





  • Support in capitalising on opportunities associated with advanced work with science-based targets: Creating forward-looking indicators, monitoring concepts, and the development of innovative potential for your business development.

Education & Skill Development

  • Additional education measures give your employees the valuable skills and capacities that your company will need internally. Science-based targets should support a company's long-term transition to a 2°C world.

Research & Development

  • Research on new, individual questions through their integration into existing research activities with right. or by establishing a new project.

In our experience, areas of application for science-based targets vary greatly. If our suggested services do not meet your requirements, please contact us.