NGOs, Institutions, Universities, Schools and further education schools


Academic institutions that are concerned with developments in the area of sustainability and that want to become familiar with the science-based approach as a new trend.




Academic institutions with basic knowledge of science-based targets and an interest in deepening their understanding. Their goal is to connect science-based targets with the issues with which they are concerned, as well as their projects and initiatives.


Academic organisations that are researching 2°C compatibility and see the application of science-based targets as contributing solutions to current questions.

Lectures & Workshops

  • For which of the challenges associated with the Paris Agreement could science-based targets offer solutions?
  • What is the difference between conventional emission targets and science-based approaches?
  • What would it mean specifically for political, scientific, and social actors to work with science-based targets?

Lectures & Workshops

  • Which opportunities for academic organisations are associated with the establishment of science as a new element at play in the realms of economics and politics, especially regarding the transition to a 2 °C world?
  • Which specific questions for academic organisations arise with the use of science-based targets in economics and politics?


  • Cooperation in support of bachelor's and master's degrees



  • Science-based targets as a complementary element for your research into practical applications.
  • Cooperation in support of doctoral work.
  • Please contact us to find out about potential synergie.


In our experience, areas of application for science-based targets vary greatly. If our suggested services do not meet your requirements, please  contact us